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What is the Environmental Health Association of Alberta (EHA-AB)?

We are a non-profit environmental health organization with an object to promote education and information on environmental sensitivities and environmentally induced illnesses. We provide resources and support to those persons or institutions affected or interested. We also strive to raise awareness within medical communities, educational institutions and the general public. Our goal is to prevent further cases of environmental illness from occurring. Our hope is to assist our members in making healthier choices in:

What are Environmental Illnesses (EI)?

Environmental Illnesses (EI) are characterized by sensitivity to environmental triggers. Reactions can occur at extremely low levels. Initial sensitization can result from one large or several small exposures. Symptoms are reported in all body systems and vary from person to person.

Some Common Environmental Triggers are found in everyday consumer products including:

Some people are also sensitive to noise, fluorescent lighting, food, electro-magnetic fields and moulds.

The Effects of Environmental Sensitivities range from mild to debilitating. Most people with Environmental Illnesses will have to change their daily activities to avoid triggers and cope. This in turn affects family life, friendships and careers. Most will require accommodations from family, friends and employers who also need to change their daily activities. Public places can be hazardous due to fragrance, electro-magnetic fields, pesticides and other triggers so common in today's environment. Disability insurance, safe housing and public spaces, health care and workplace safety are some major challenges faced by those with Environmental Illnesses.

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